Happy Mother’s Day 2019

Happy Mother’s Day!?

This Mother’s Day I want to share the special day I became a mother. I believe birth stories need to be shared to encourage and empower women. Childbirth is natural and not some scary medical procedure. So below is our long but beautiful birth story of Ananias John. ??
Special thanks to:
?? LifeSong Midwifery
? Laven-Doula, LLC
? Kulsveen – Birth Photography and Videography / Steph Jones Photography
for supporting me and capturing this special day. ?

Ananias’ Birth Story

​          Saturday February 16th at 1am I was awoken by a loud “pop” that I felt and heard. I also felt some fluid, so I rushed to the bathroom to check. I noticed the “bloody show” and knew today was the day we were going to meet our baby! I excitedly woke Dane and we knew from then on it would be a waiting game. Since I wasn’t having contractions yet we decided to try and get some sleep. I was not very good at it, but finally fell back asleep for a little, only to be woken up again at 2:30am with contractions. I decided to come sit on the couch by myself and time them. Around 5:30am my contractions were coming every 3-5 minutes and lasting a minute so I decided to text my doula Nicole and see what she thought. She replied with “It’s go time!” So I woke up Dane and we started to call the rest of the team.

          My parents were the first to arrive around 6am to pick up our dog Rusty. They were excited and wished me luck as they took him for us. Nicole, our doula, also showed up right at the same time. We continued to time contractions and go over techniques for comfort and to find a good rhythm. Next up, Naomi our Midwife arrived and did an initial evaluation of me. Everything looked good and everyone was excited for baby C to arrive! Stephanie our birth photographer showed up around 7:30am and caught some great early labor moments. It’s funny because with the first baby you never know what to expect, and the pain wasn’t bad at all with each contraction. I wondered what all the fuss was about… I would soon find out!

​          Around 11am Dane made snacks for everyone, but we noticed my contractions had started to slow down. Naomi suggested we go lay down for an hour (I had been up since 1-2am). So off to bed Dane and I went and got some much needed sleep. After the hour they came and checked on us. I was given natural herbs and started using the breast pump to try and stimulate faster contractions. They very slowly started to increase. Dane decided to check and adjust me. I sat up and grabbed him with a “whoa!” because immediately after adjusting my sacrum I had a super strong contraction and they continued from there. Thank goodness for Chiropractic! It was officially go time!

​          One of the best things about a home birth is I was free to move around and used all areas of my house to labor in; I did whatever felt right at the time. Nicole had gifted us a Rabozo, a beautiful Mexican birth wrap and it came in super handy! Dane was able to use it to hold my belly up as the contractions increased. That was definitely a lifesaver since the pain had increased at that point greatly. I was also given another round of natural herbs for the pain, although at that point nothing was helping. By 4pm I was laboring on the toilet, and the contractions were so intense and coming so fast I knew we had to be close. I wasn’t feeling the urge to push though so I knew something had to be going on. We decided to have Naomi check to see how far I was dilated.

          As Naomi was checking she told me I was pretty much fully dilated…and then my water broke! What a flood! It turns out my water hadn’t broken all the way at 1am, like I thought. Half of our bed was covered in “water” now (no worries we had a rubber cover on it.) The contractions were relentless now and coming nonstop. Just when one would begin to decrease, another would come right along and ramp right back up. This last phase of active labor was really a blur for me since I was in so much pain. I remember sweating so much Dane was soaking washcloths in ice water, then holding then on my back. I was burning the cool water off so fast they rotated them every minute or so! And the sweat! I was pouring. And I mean pouring.

          Finally it was time to push. At this point I was so tired and in so much pain I couldn’t tell where to push or when I was having contractions. Naomi helped guide me on where to push and Nicole kept her hand on my belly to tell me when contractions were happening. Between the two I was able to focus and push. This lasted for about and hour and a half. I could feel the baby come out and go back in (crowning) I wasn’t sure if I had it in me to push hard enough. Finally, baby was far enough down and Dane said “push one more time Carrie, our baby is almost here!” I gave it everything I had and pushed for as long and as hard as I could and bam! Baby was out and put on my chest! I couldn’t believe it! Baby C was here… I did it! I scooped the little baby booty and instantly started laughing. There was something more there then just a booty… it’s a BOY! Everyone cheered and laughed a little.

          Ananias laid on my chest for a while as the waves of contractions kept coming. Finally it was time to push out the placenta, but I couldn’t do it holding him since I was so tired at this point. The cord was done pulsating and was white so we decided to cut it and give baby to daddy. Dane held Ananias skin to skin while I pushed out the placenta. Ananias’ eyes were open and he was lifting his head looking for food, so we immediately started to breastfeed him. He latched and was good to go! When he was done dad took him back and I was able to jump in the shower and get cleaned up. What a weird feeling walking with a belly, but no baby in it anymore. After a quick shower I got back into bed and nursed baby Ananias again. He quickly fell asleep in my arms. Dane started to heat up a meal for everyone and we all ate.

The first 24hours with baby Ananias earth side was such a whirlwind of emotions. Dane and I were both exhausted and elated! I am so glad I had the support from my amazing birth team! Without each of them this home birth would not have been possible. I am forever grateful!??

Ananias John – 8lbs 13oz – 21.5″ – 7:26pm – Bonita Springs, FL