Naples Daily News Half 2017 Race Recap

2017 Naples Daily News Half

Naples Daily News Half

January 15th was a gorgeous morning in Naples. The weather was perfect for a race! The race stated at 7am so I was there around 6:30am. There was plenty of parking in the parking garage. Race day check-in was easy to find and they had a whole line of port-o-potties for runners to use. The race started on 5th street where they had markers for different pace groups. The longest pacer they had was 2:30. I met my friend Ryann and we got all lined up and ready to go. They had an amazing A cappella group sing the national anthem. Before I knew it we were off!

Naples Daily News Half

The whole course was fast and flat. This really was the perfect race for a PR. Unfortunately due to an earlier injury I did not PR, but I still finished faster then I thought! There were plenty of water stations along the course but no nutrition stations. The staff and volunteers were great with answering questions and cheering everyone on. The course had a few (3 I think) down and back stretches. The course was shaded and it was fun running past all the crazy mansions in downtown Naples.

Naples Daily News Half

The race finish next to Cambier Park with a fun after party. The course race limit was 3 hours. Runners were still coming in after the designated finish time but they just missed out on seeing the speedy runners get their medals. (Top finishers finished in a little over an hour!) They had plenty of water and snacks to take in, along with may different vendors. Overall it was a great race and I can’t wait to do it again next year to shoot for a PR!

Naples Daily News Half

Cheers to many more miles!

❤ Dr. Carrie


ps. I gave in and purchased some of the race photos because they came out so great!

Naples Daily News Half Naples Daily News Half Naples Daily News Half Naples Daily News Half

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